App configuration

Via the app Jitsi Admin and the menu item Settings basic settings of the app can be made.

Jitsi Server Address

The base address of the Jitsi server: This is used to generate the links of the rooms together with the Jitsi IDs.


When a Jitsi room is entered or left, the app can automatically set the presence. There are two options: either the name of the room is used or a preconfigured text.


If a room is entered by users the display name stored in myApps can be automatically transferred to Jitsi with this option.

Email Template

Existing rooms can be shared as an email from the room list. The subject and the body of these emails can be configured in the settings. For this purpose, corresponding texts can be stored in two text fields. In these texts two variables are available, which serve as placeholders for the room name and the room link. When creating emails from this template the placeholders are replaced by the corresponding room name or link. The placeholder __room_name__ by the name, __room_link__ by the link to the room.