trizwo Filterswitch (en)


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Dialing filters of user objects can be changed via the Filterswitch app. A search function allows extensions to be found by name or phone number. The extensions that can be found via the app can be restricted via group memberships. The same applies to the filters that can be selected in the app.

The app is separated into a user and an admin version. In the user version the search for extensions is available on a simple interface. on the one hand, the admin version allows the configuration of the app, on the other hand, there is the ability to switch filters of several extensions at the same time.

As an example, the app can be used in hospitals or hotels to enable the receptionist to configure dialing permissions. Without the need for administration rights at the PBX.


  • Only extensions included in configured groups can be found in the app.

  • Any number of groups can be defined.

  • Unlimited number of filters available for selection.

  • Filters configured centrally in the PBX are transferred to the app.

  • Simple interface in the user version.

  • Switching of filters possible without admin permissions via Devices app or PBX manager.

  • It is possible to configure which fields (phone numbers, names etc.) are used to find extensions.

  • In the admin version many extensions can be changed simultaneously.